This document describes most of the major new features and functions, as well as some minor corrections and additions, in FrontDoor 2.31.mL since version 2.30.mL (released on 13-Mar-98).

FD (Mailer)

(*) The problem with FD not detecting a "per-definition" inactive
    event - one without any "days" setting - has been corrected.
    This would result in FD entering an endless loop.
(*) The problem with FMRESCAN.NOW being (incorrectly) created/updated
    has been corrected (support of this semaphore was removed with
    the release of 2.30.mL).
(*) Spool entries in the static queue (STQ) were not properly
    displayed in the STQ manager; corrected.
(*) FD will now delay checking for the FDINMAIL.NEW semaphore until it
    has fetched the currently active event; this will result in FD
    properly honoring the "exit" settings of the currently active
(*) Support for the /IGNOREOTHERPKT (and FDOPT setting IGNOREOTHERPKT)
    has been added. It is only useful if the NOUNPACK option is not
    used. IGNOREOTHERPKT specifies that FD should only unpack mail
    packets that it receives from a remote system; i.e. it should
    ignore .PKT files it finds in either of the inbound directories.
(*) An errorlevel of eight (8) is now used to signal that "FrontDoor
    cannot be loaded on top of itself" rather than an errorlevel of
    two (2) as was the case with 2.30.mL.

(*) Support for the "CONNECTING", "ALERTING", and "CALL SENT" modem
    reponse messages has been added; they are treated just like the
    "RINGING" response message and should no longer cause problems for

FM (Editor)

(*) FM should now properly support the TRACE sub-field for JAM-type
    folders (the TRACE sub-field information translates to "Via" when
    displayed from within FM).

(*) The Survey Date Range Select function has been further improved.

(*) FM should now display and support four-digit years everywhere
    (with the exception of the Survey list, due to space limitations).

FDNC (Nodelist compiler/manager)

(*) The handling of the PHONE command in FDNODE.CTL has been
    completely rewritten; it should now work as was first intended
    when a new nodelist database is created as well as when compiling
    a new nodelist with existing entries in the (internal) phone data-

(*) Some very basic logging has been added to FDNC when either of the
    /F, /C, and /P commands is used from the command-line. This may
    help in tracking down corrupt nodelist source files. FDNC will
    use whatever log file has been configured in FDSETUP (for the
    given task).
(*) Support for the "IGNOREBADNL" keyword in FDNODE.CTL was added.
    When FDNC encounters this keyword in FDNODE.CTL, it will ignore
    any nodelist source file errors (unless they are of fatal nature).
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