This document describes most of the corrections and additions in this version of FrontDoor since version 2.32.mL.

Various notes

(*) Fixed problem with "fast" machines which could, once again, cause
    the various FrontDoor programs to exit with a run-time error. This
    fix should be more permanent in nature and not based on current
    processor capabilities or speeds. This has been tested up to 1.2
    GHz Athlon processors.

(*) The current OS/2 version is still 2.32.mL.

FD (Mailer)

(*) Fixed printing of received messages.

(*) Fixed problem with label after IFNOTEXIST script command not being

(*) Fixed problem where a single (incoming) "RING" would have FD
    create an FDINSESS.nnn semaphore and then not remove it if no
    further messages were received from the modem.
(*) Added support for $[]-style macros in file request protection. The
    protected path (as specified in FDSETUP > Mailer > File requests >
    Request security) is now checked for macros prior to comparing it
    with the requested item(s).

(*) Fixed "Inbound only" event setting being ignored (completely). It
    will now make the default state of a bundle "Hold". It should,
    however, be noted that the documentation is not entirely correct.
    It states that only IMM(ediate) messages are not affected by this,
    it should say that "Crash and Immediate messages are not affected".
(*) Fixed problems with external (X) events not being honored if the
    "Last run" date was in the future. If the "Last run" date of an
    X-event is greater than "tomorrow" 23.59.59, the event is
    processed as if it had not been run "today".

(*) Added support for "RINGBACK" modem message. It is treated like
    "RRING" and "RINGING".
(*) FD will now completely ignore messages when either the originating
    net or destination net fields in the message header contains zero.

(*) FD should now enforce the length (19) of the message date field
    when it puts messages (.MSG) into packets. It is (was) quite common
    for messages from broken editors to contain dates with a year of
    100, FD would then create .PKT files that does not conform to the
    FTS-1 specs.

(*) Eliminated Y2K-problem (incorrect year) appearing in return
    receipt, file request receipts, and fax cover messages.

FM (Editor)

(*) Fixed survey mode display problem where the year was sometimes
    displayed as "28" instead of "00".
(*) Fixed survey mode display problem with 00 (2000) dates in HMB-
    type folders.

FDNC (Nodelist compiler/manager)

(*) Fixed FDNC to abort with a "Path not found" when the semaphore
    path is defined containing a macro that has not been set.

FDSETUP (Configuration/Setup)

No changes.
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