Frequently asked questions related to the use of external tools and services with FrontDoor.


I am using FastEcho 1.46 or later together with FrontDoor and want to use the new STQ (Static Queue) feature of FD, does FastEcho support it?

Yes. You should specify the FrontDoor SYSTEM path in the FESETUP field SYSTEM.PATHNAMES.STATIC QUEUE. When doing this, you must first ensure that all “ARCmail” .MSG attachments have been sent, otherwise FastEcho will truncate active ARCmail files. It is not possible to mix .MSG-style ARCmail attachments and use of the STQ by FastEcho.

It is possible to automatically convert remaining .MSG-style ARCmail attachments to the STQ by using the MSG2QUEUE program (available from the Definite Solutions website). When using MSG2QUEUE, you must use the /IsArcMail switch.

  • Last modified: 22-Sep-2017 @ 12:24
  • by Joaquim Homrighausen