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232 @doc:changelog
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k servers, etc. (*) The nodelist browser has been modified to show "??" for stray node and poin... names when receiving a duplicate filename has been modified so that the .MO9 extension is bumped to ... more than 150 characters being truncated has been fixed. (*) FM's JAM handling code has been made somewhat more bullet-proof against corrupt JAM mes
231 @doc:changelog
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event - one without any "days" setting - has been corrected. This would result in FD entering a... N.NOW being (incorrectly) created/updated has been corrected (support of this semaphore was removed ... HERPKT (and FDOPT setting IGNOREOTHERPKT) has been added. It is only useful if the NOUNPACK option i... ", and "CALL SENT" modem reponse messages has been added; they are treated just like the "RINGIN
233 @doc:changelog
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nt processor capabilities or speeds. This has been tested up to 1.2 GHz Athlon processors. (*) ... 9.59, the event is processed as if it had not been run "today". (*) Added support for "RINGBACK" mo... path is defined containing a macro that has not been set. FDSETUP (Configuration/Setup) ============
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of the default DokuWiki namespaces and pages have been left here intentionally, so you do not need to se
windowsxp @howto
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] (PC Micro) documentation as applicable. We have been using modem init strings like this:{{tag>Modem}}
whatisfidonet1992 @archive
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ely on. Last year's monolithic infrastructure has been thoroughly forgotten and completely replaced with
integrations @faq
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t ensure that all "ARCmail" .MSG attachments have been sent, otherwise FastEcho will truncate active ARC
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