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=== FD / Mailer === Frequently asked questions related to the FrontDoor Mailer program (FD). {{tag>faq modem mailer ring ipv4 ipv6}} \\ == I... elephone number overrides in FDNODE.CTL. But when FD goes to call for example, it alwa... lem here lies with the name of the remote system. FD is doing dial string translation and interprets t
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ersion 2.30.mL (released on 13-Mar-98). <file> FD (Mailer) =========== (*) The problem with FD not detecting a "per-definition" inactive event - o... ng - has been corrected. This would result in FD entering an endless loop. (*) The problem wi... displayed in the STQ manager; corrected. (*) FD will now delay checking for the FDINMAIL.NEW sema
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be true for VirtualBox environments. - Set the FD environment variable "globally" so that it is alw... ows". Do this by setting the environment variable FD in Start menu > Settings > Control Panel > System... ither "User variables" or "System variables". The FD environment variable must point to the directory where your SETUP.FD file is located, e.g. C:\FD - It is a good idea
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S/2 version available of FrontDoor 2.32.mL! FD (Mailer) =========== (*) FD now supports the use of $[]-style macros in the DIAL .. END section ... s in regards to the points of a hub. (*) FD will now create the semaphore FDTIMSNC.nnn in the... rowsing the Zone and Net levels. (*) The way FD "bumps" ARCmail filenames when receiving a duplic
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(*) The current OS/2 version is still 2.32.mL. FD (Mailer) =========== (*) Fixed printing of recei... oblem where a single (incoming) "RING" would have FD create an FDINSESS.nnn semaphore and then not... treated like "RRING" and "RINGING". (*) FD will now completely ignore messages when either t... fields in the message header contains zero. (*) FD should now enforce the length (19) of the message
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ocumentation (**PDF**): [[|Download .zip file]]\\ FrontDoo... ocumentation (**TXT**): [[|Download .zip file]]\\ \\ <nspa
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want to use the new STQ (Static Queue) feature of FD, does FastEcho support it? **A:**\\ Yes. You sho
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