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=== FD / Mailer === Frequently asked questions related to the FrontDoor Mailer program (FD). {{tag>faq modem mailer ring ipv4 ipv6}} \\ == Internet dialing == **Q:**\\ {{tag>faq modem mailer ipv4 ipv6 vmodem netserial telnet}} I use a "mode
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The current OS/2 version is still 2.32.mL. FD (Mailer) =========== (*) Fixed printing of received mess... The protected path (as specified in FDSETUP > Mailer > File requests > Request security) is now ch
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version available of FrontDoor 2.32.mL! FD (Mailer) =========== (*) FD now supports the use of $[]-
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on 2.30.mL (released on 13-Mar-98). <file> FD (Mailer) =========== (*) The problem with FD not detecti
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ools and services with FrontDoor. {{tag>faq modem mailer ring}} \\ **FastEcho**\\ {{tag>fastecho}} **Q:**\
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