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233 @doc:changelog
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"today". (*) Added support for "RINGBACK" modem message. It is treated like "RRING" and "RINGING". ... ginating net or destination net fields in the message header contains zero. (*) FD should now enforce the length (19) of the message date field when it puts messages (.MSG) into
fd @faq
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nfigured your modem to issue the appropriate RING message for your modem/BBS number, you must change the MODEM.STATUS MESSAGES.RING setting to the appropriate message; e.g. RING1
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a free FrontDoor Commercial/MultiLine key? Drop a message to 2:20/4609@fidonet or send an [[mailto:defsol@d
232 @doc:changelog
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omewhat more bullet-proof against corrupt JAM message bases. (*) The nodelist browser has been modifie
231 @doc:changelog
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are treated just like the "RINGING" response message and should no longer cause problems for FD.
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