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d to the FrontDoor Mailer program (FD). {{tag>faq modem mailer ring ipv4 ipv6}} \\ == Internet dialing == **Q:**\\ {{tag>faq modem mailer ipv4 ipv6 vmodem netserial telnet}} I use a "modem emulator" (SIO/VMODEM/NetSerial/etc) for connecti... R"//. This will usually have the effect that the "modem" (or emulator in this case) aborts any attempts a
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) documentation as applicable. We have been using modem init strings like this:{{tag>Modem}} |Escape code: | %%~+++~%% | |Return on-line: | %%... Tell FrontDoor that the speed is fixed (FDSETUP > Modem > Hardware). You do not have to create custom CON... the strings that NetSerial sends. {{tag>Virtual modem}}Configure NetSerial to function as "Virtual Mode
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the "CONNECTING", "ALERTING", and "CALL SENT" modem responses during inbound calls. FM (Editor) ===... ======================= (*) The handling of the "Modem.Command strings" settings has been modified s
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if no further messages were received from the modem. (*) Added support for $[]-style macros in f... en run "today". (*) Added support for "RINGBACK" modem message. It is treated like "RRING" and "RING
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for the "CONNECTING", "ALERTING", and "CALL SENT" modem reponse messages has been added; they are tre
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rnal tools and services with FrontDoor. {{tag>faq modem mailer ring}} \\ **FastEcho**\\ {{tag>fastecho}}
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