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endless loop. (*) The problem with FMRESCAN.NOW being (incorrectly) created/updated has been ... d in the STQ manager; corrected. (*) FD will now delay checking for the FDINMAIL.NEW semaphore unt... rectories. (*) An errorlevel of eight (8) is now used to signal that "FrontDoor cannot be load... FD. FM (Editor) =========== (*) FM should now properly support the TRACE sub-field for JAM-type
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<file> Various notes ============= (*) There is now a native (32-bit) OS/2 version available of Front... or 2.32.mL! FD (Mailer) =========== (*) FD now supports the use of $[]-style macros in the DIAL ... ards to the points of a hub. (*) FD will now create the semaphore FDTIMSNC.nnn in the semaphor... nager) ================================ (*) FDNC now supports the use of $[]-style macros in the DIAL
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Mailer > File requests > Request security) is now checked for macros prior to comparing it with... t setting being ignored (completely). It will now make the default state of a bundle "Hold". It sho... like "RRING" and "RINGING". (*) FD will now completely ignore messages when either the origin... the message header contains zero. (*) FD should now enforce the length (19) of the message date field
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ies. ;Make sure you obtain a copy of the FidoNews now being published ;weekly by Fido 1.You may submit ... ng (less the semicolon of course): ; (The list is now shown in the new format allowed in V10 and up) ;
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functions. It ran on DOS machines only. There are now probably over a hundred "FidoNet compatible" prog
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ew DokuWiki ====== Congratulations, your wiki is now up and running. Here are a few more tips to get y
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