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233 @doc:changelog
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L. <file> Various notes ============= (*) Fixed problem with "fast" machines which could, once again, cau... ) Fixed printing of received messages. (*) Fixed problem with label after IFNOTEXIST script command not being recognized. (*) Fixed problem where a single (incoming) "RING" would have FD ... nform to the FTS-1 specs. (*) Eliminated Y2K-problem (incorrect year) appearing in return receipt,
fd @faq
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om, it always reports "NO CARRIER". **A:**\\ The problem here lies with the name of the remote system. FD ... e that does not include the lowercase 'v'. //This problem will most likely be addressed in a future version
232 @doc:changelog
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AM is specified on the command-line. (*) The problem with macro definitions that expand to more than 1... ts of the environment variable). (*) The problem with flags for new (manually created) nodelist en
231 @doc:changelog
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r-98). <file> FD (Mailer) =========== (*) The problem with FD not detecting a "per-definition" inactive... sult in FD entering an endless loop. (*) The problem with FMRESCAN.NOW being (incorrectly) created/upd
windowsxp @howto
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ows environments, but probably not identical. One problem with Windows XP itself is that you cannot activat
syntax @wiki
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tand all video and audio formats. To mitigate the problem, you can upload your file in different formats fo
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