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is not used. IGNOREOTHERPKT specifies that FD should only unpack mail packets that it receives from a remote system; i.e. it should ignore .PKT files it finds in either of the i... just like the "RINGING" response message and should no longer cause problems for FD. FM (Editor) =========== (*) FM should now properly support the TRACE sub-field for JAM-
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grams to exit with a run-time error. This fix should be more permanent in nature and not based on curr... now make the default state of a bundle "Hold". It should, however, be noted that the documentation is ... ediate) messages are not affected by this, it should say that "Crash and Immediate messages are not af... elds in the message header contains zero. (*) FD should now enforce the length (19) of the message date f
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inbound calls. FM (Editor) =========== (*) FM should no longer allow a JAM-type folder to be selected ... rant to leading and trailing whitespace; this should allow for the contents of .CCL files to be ev... minated by a vertical bar (|) character. This should allow for software that requires a space in d
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